Writing with Joy, Passion, Talent

Want your writing to excel? Try these three keys.


Salut Salon is a chamber quartet from Hamburg, Germany. They are extremely talented – world-class so – at their craft.

But what they bring to their music is so much more than craft. Their performances are mesmerizing for not just the quality of their music, butfor the joy and passion that shine forth.








No surprise, then, that this video has received more than 2 million views in 2 months: Salut Salon: Wettstreit zu viert

Joy –> Passion –> Talent

You cannot help but be captured by the joy that spills out of their performance. Joy, passion, and talent are all intermingled, but I think the relationship is this:

Joy comes first. Joy leads to passion. And passion births talent.

That goes for performing music. For baking cakes. For teaching kindergartners. And for writing – memoirs, novels, whatever your passion is.

So: Write what brings you joy. Write about issues that you are passionate about. And let that passion shine through.

People want to be mesmerized. They want to be captivated. They don’t want to read what anyone could have written (or, in the case of Salut Salon, performed). They want to read what you alone could have written. Because you are bringing your unique perspective to your writing. You are letting your joy and passion and talent shine through – as only you can.

When you do this, you are living out your true gift. You are being uniquely you, as Salut Salon is being uniquely them. And when you hone your gift well enough, people will notice.

Write because you must.

Don’t just write something because you feel you should. Write something because you feel you must. Because if you don’t, you will burst. You have to let it out. You cannot help but let it out.

Start with your joy. Let it lead you to your passion. Work that passion, work it and work it and work it, until it becomes refined into finer and finer talent.

Readers will notice.

Work your craft, yes. But before you do, use joy and passion as your guides in choosing what to, and what not to, write about.

Happy writing!

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